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Have you entered 2021 regional Open Qualifying yet? Have you never experienced Open Qualifying before? Featuring a chat with a special guest, Freddie has compiled a list of '10 helpful things to know about 2021 Open Qualifying', so you can make a more informed decision about whether or not to enter. All action camera shots were taken by Matt Hooper Photography in June 2019, on behalf of This Is St Andrews (​). Go and check out his portfolio and offering at his website:
​​​​​​​When is an amateur golfer not an amateur golfer? The complexion of elite amateur careers could be set to change in 2022 and Freddie attempts to explain why...(Recorded in early March 2021)
How much could it cost elite amateurs to play a full 2021 tournament schedule in the UK? Freddie spends 45 minutes trying to answer this question...(Recorded in late February 2021).

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