The Covid19 Pandemic has hurt every industry, and taken away our freedoms, but perhaps no industry has suffered more than hospitality. Firstly the long periods of closure, then the necessary restrictions on numbers and the requirements for social distancing, masks, sanitizing and more have put a tremendous physical and financial strain on these businesses. And when these businesses make up such a large portion of the St Andrews economy then the impact upon the overall working-age population of the entire region can be devastating.
And aside from the economic impact upon the businesses, many of us miss having the opportunity to dine, drink and relax in these establishments. So here are 12 establishments we miss more than most, featuring a wide variety of bars, restaurants and cafes across St Andrews.


Ziggy's in Murray Park is the oldest St Andrews restaurant still in existence today, opening in 1983 and was the first restaurant I reviewed for This is St Andrews back in 2014. 
It is also where I had my first date with my girlfriend, so it holds a special place in my heart. 
But I have also dined there with several friends over the years, and it has never disappointed. It is a homage to the world of rock and roll and when you add Live music to the tasty food it really is unbeatable.
Located centrally it is also ideal as a starting point for your evening.

The Doll's House

The Doll's House in Church Square is another St Andrews Classic.
Wholesome, tasty and varied food and a special ambience make the Doll's House a must visit for anyone in St Andrews.

The Saint Bar and Kitchen

The Saint, formerly the West Port, is a popular destination for locals, students and visitors alike. 
Located just inside the West Port at the City Road end of South Street, the Saint is a great place for a quiet drink, to start your evening, eat great food and sit outside with a pint.​​​​​​​

The Jigger Inn

t's the Jigger Inn, St Andrews most iconic pub.
Situated in the grounds of the Old Course Hotel, adjacent to the 17th hole of the Old Course, this pub is a must visit for everyone. It isn't cheap, but its worth shelling out every now and then, and on a warm summer's day there really isn't anywhere better to sit outside and take in a scene without comparison.

The Central Bar

The Central Bar, as the name would suggest, is located centrally within the town on Market Street, and whilst one of the more pricey bars in town, it has a nice ambience and offers outside seating. 

Molly Malone's

Molly Malone's, the third different name this bar has had since I first came to St Andrews (previously the Raisin and the Blue Stane), is an Irish themed bar and offers tasty food and is good value for money. 
It is a good place to watch a sporting event or football match.

The Adamson

The Adamson Restaurant and The Adamson Bar are great places for a special occasion, memorable night out with great food and the widest selection of cocktails of any bar in St Andrews.

The Criterion

The Criterion is probably the most popular bar in St Andrews with locals, offering a fun ambience, a wide variety of beverages and tasty food, including the famous Cri Pie.

Seafood Ristorante

The Seafood Ristorante is arguably the best restaurant in St Andrews, with certainly the most spectacular location near West Sands overlooking St Andrews Bay. I visited here in 2018 for their splendid Sunday Lunch and you can read the review here.

Cafe at The Museum

The Café at the Museum might not be first on your list of places you want to visit when things reopen, but it should be somewhere to consider. If you're a golfer then why not visit the museum and then have something to eat and drink in the Café upstairs, with a view which is very close to the best in St Andrews. 

Hams Hame

Hams Hame, located in the basement of Hamilton Grand on Golf Place, is within a chip and run of the 18th hole on the Old Course. It is good value for money, has a friendly ambience and good for groups.

The Keys Bar

The Keys Bar is perhaps as famous as the Jigger Inn, and certainly is the most historic bar in St Andrews, having opened in 1858, making it older than The Open Championship itself. This hostelry has been patronized by Old and Young Tom Morris and pretty much every visiting golfer to St Andrews over the last century.

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